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LPC-662 & LPC-663

LPC-662 Info

The LPC-662 is used for project sites that are not “Potentially Impacted Properties (PIP)".  A Potentially Impacted Property is one that is close to an environmental concern. 

If you are not sure if your project site is a PIP, please feel free to call our
Incoming Fill Department for assistance at 630-497-8700.

There is important information about your project site you should know before you complete a LPC-662 form.  This includes:

  • A complete and accurate address for your project site. 
  • The form asks for the latitude and longitude of the property.
  • Name and contact information for the site owner AND the site operator.
  • Knowledge of past and current use of the property has been.  This can be done by:
        • EDR
        • Talking with the owner
        • Speaking with local municipality offices
        • Doing a sight inspection of the property.
  • pH Test of the soil and a description of how those results were reached.  For example, you should describe what lab or make/model of pH meter was used in determining the pH level of the soil.

For additional information or assistance with your LPC-662 Form, please contact the Incoming Fill Department at 630-497-8700.



LPC-663 Info

The IEPA’s LPC-663 form should be completed by either a Professional Engineer or Professional Geologist.  This form requires that the Professional Engineer or Geologist certify that the soil bring brought into Bluff City is uncontaminated soil.  The sampling frequency and tests required need to be approved by Bluff City Materials.  It is recommended that the soil testing be approved by Bluff City Materials before sampling is conducted.
When submitting a Fill Application using a 663 Form, please be sure to include the following:
· A copy of the lab analytical reports
· Chain of custody control forms
· A map of any and all soil samples in certification.
· A map of the project site.

For P.E.’s and P.G’s needing additional information or assistance with an LPC-663 form , please contact the Incoming Fill Department at 630-497-8700.